Our business growth is marked by 4 distinct phases.
It all began in 1965 in a small workshop in Marnaz. Four decades later, BONTAZ is a world leader in automotive hydraulics.

1965 - 1980 : The turning subcontractor:

After completing his studies at the National Clockmaking School in Cluses, Yves Bontaz set up his turning workshop in his family’s barn. He initially manufactured precision-turned parts on subcontract basis for local businesses, and then established direct business relationships with French automakers and parts manufacturers.

1980 - 1990 : Development of the first subassemblies:

The company focused on manufacturing brake and engine subassemblies, primarily for the European automotive industry. From a mere subcontractor, the company became a true partner by developing assemblies
jointly with the automakers.

1990 - 2000 : International expansion:

This decade was marked by significant growth. The company established sites outside France to cater to its major customers.

1995: Opening of the first site in the Czech Republic

1999: Opening of the Sao Paulo site in Brazil

2000: Opening of the Shanghai site in China 


2000 to now : A first-class automotive supplier:

The Bontaz Group works directly with all global automakers and has become a first class automotive supplier.

We continue to invest in developing countries and to support our customers globally:

2001: Opening of a sales and distribution center in the US

2005: Opening of a sales office in Korea

2005: Opening of a sales office in Japan

2008: Opening of an assembly facility in Tunisia

2010: Opening of a sales office in India

2012: Opening of an assembly facility in Morocco